Sales & Support

For all Apple hardware like iMacs, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iPhone, iPod, iPad - New, Refurbished and used available. 


3D Printers

We offer 3D design, printing and scanning services and support. Ask us for information on how you can benefit from our services.


Hardware Upgrades

RAM, Super-fast SSD drives, Hard Disks, Keyboards, Mice, Trackpad, Video Cards, DVD drives, expert repairs


Software Upgrades

Mac OS X Sierra, iLife, iWork, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro etc.


Wi-Fi Connectivity, Airport Extreme, Airport Time Capsule, Airport Express, 3G/4G Modems & Routers, CAT5 Network wiring, PC-Mac Connectivity


Personalized Training

iCloud integration, PC to Mac Switch, iLife Integration, iWork Productivity, Photo & Video Editing, Audio Setup & Configuration, iPhone & iPad use, publishing and blogs